Gabriel Ratener


I am a freelance software developer originally from Seattle. I completed my BS in Atmospheric Science and Math in 2014, and my Masters in Computer Science in 2017. During my college years I began freelancing and working on websites for several clients. I also taught math and programming to K-12 students over the summer. After graduating in 2017, I became lead front-end developer at the Kirkland-based children's event networking startup Social Rugrats for the better part of a year. After leaving my job I traveled around Mexico and Central America for several months, while working various odd jobs. Since July 2018 I've been working as lead software developer at KLIK Communications, a Bellevue-based startup developing next-generation wireless presentation and collaboration technologies.


  • University of Washington

    BS in Atmospheric Sciences (2011 - 2014)
  • Central Washington University

    MS in Computer Science (2014 - 2017)


I have some!

  • Web Development
  • Pumping out tons of JavaScript!
  • Writing Parsers
  • Building Electron apps
  • Writing servers and services in Node.js
  • Writing servers and services in Rust
  • Creating embedded UIs and apps for IoT
  • Writing WebRTC applications
  • Web Scraping


  • Professional

    • Michael Green

      An online store for designer hand-bags.

    • Social Rugrats

      The online platform for finding and hosting playdates and kids events.

    • KLIK Manager

      The administrator application that manages all KLIK Devices on your network.

    • KLIK Setup Wizard

      The tool that discovers and sets up your KLIK Devices in under a minute.

    • KLIK Control Center

      The web portal to each KLIK Device that allows you to view presentations and manage without installing an app.

  • Other Projects

    • DefScript

      An extensible compile-to-JS language that supports macros and embedded languages through a simple plugin API.

    • Crane Parser

      A parser-generator with a clean, advanced syntax for describing grammars, that generates simple, clean, push-based parsers as ES6 modules.

    • CoffeeScript

      The mother of all compile-to-JS languages.
      I added async/await syntax to the language to better support async programming.

    To see more projects visit my Github at